In the case of incomplete or unsatisfactory services from the agreed arrangement passenger may file an appeal to remove the irregularities stipulated in these General Terms. Immediately after the perceived failure of the spot of Service Traveler advertises inadequate service by representatives of the Agency in his presence and / or to the service provider.

The traveler is required to cooperate with the Agency and the executor in good faith to eliminate the causes of complaints. If the traveler does not accept refuses the proposed solution which corresponds with the agreed service, the Agency does not accept subsequent complaint.

If the cause of the complaint is not rectified, or traveler with the offered solution is not satisfied, the same with a representative of the Agency and / or the service providers about it prepares a written certificate signed by all attending parties and retain for itself a copy of this certificate.

If a representative of the Agency and / or the service provider refuses to draw up and sign such a certificate, passenger may I draw up an appropriate statement that must be signed by credible witnesses who will later be made available to the Agency and / or executor services. No later than 8 days after returning from the path, the traveler submitted a written complaint to the point of sale where the paid arrangement. With the objection shall be accompanied by a written confirmation of the complaint and any invoices for additional costs. The traveler is required to explain allegations of the complaint and present relevant evidence. The agency will take into consideration only properly filed complaints received by the specified deadline of 8 days and issue a written decision on the complaint to the Passenger within 15 days of receipt of the complaint from the point of sale.

The Agency may postpone the deadline for resolving the cases of another 15 days to collect information and verify the complaint with the service provider. While the Agency has issued a decision, a total maximum of 30 days from the investment of the written complaint, the customer refrains from mediation by any other institution or judicial institutions and disclaim giving information to the media and the media. Also, during this period of 30 days the traveler agrees not to sue. Relatively reduction in price per complaint may reach: the amount of the unused portion of services, the difference in price because of the lower category of accommodation and other capacities of contractual and compensation for damages incurred due to failure, partial performance or undue performance of the obligation is limited to the amount of the package price. This excludes the right to indemnification of damage, unless the same is insured by the insurance company that the same damage and covers.

The contracting parties mutually determine that the passenger who is not satisfied with the conduct of the Agency, and adhered to the above procedure for making a complaint and complaint, and has all the necessary documentation before the settlement of the problem through the courts initiate arbitration proceedings with the competent bodies of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.

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