Our booking place is in the Camp Polari, right in front of the Supermarket, behind the pool, while the tour starts in the Camp Villas Rubin which is 5 minutes by walk from Polari. To make it easy for you to book and save time, the easiest way to book your trip is online by clicking on the booking menu where you will fill out the booking form.

After you booked the tour, how will you come to Villas Rubin?

15 minutes before the start of the trip, it is essential to come on the dock in the VILLAS RUBIN camp/resort. The easiest way to find it is to enter RESORT VILLAS RUBIN in the GPS system, which will bring you directly to the parking lot where you can leave the car (the parking is free of charge). From the parking lot you will descend straight away from the reception desk, you’ll be instantly at the dock in the harbor (approx. 5 min on foot). This is the only dock, the longest dock, in the camp where the boat can arrive so you will not be mistaken. It is important to note that there are no tags or tables with the Stupica inscription, but one of the crew members, Helena or Petra, will wait for you on the dock with a list of your names so that you can easily see us.

Choose from available trips


An all-day excursion – a great choice for people looking for an adventure.


A shorter trip with evening panorama of Rovinj’s islands along with the dolphin search.


Excursions appropriate for birthday celebrations, weddings, team-building, various anniversaries.